Product Description

  • Vertical type
  • Side belt driven
  • For all general type of corrugated boxes
  • To open the box then seal the bottom flaps
  • PLC controlled to alter the program easily.
  • HMI control panel
  • PLC controlled to alter the program easily
  • Easy adjustment for fixed format cases by handwheels
  • Aluminum frame and acrylic safety fence with shut-off device
  • High speed & durable tapping head
  • Brush Wipe Down
  • Suction Cup System
  • Locking casters as standard accessory
  • Malfunction alarm with 3 color light
  • Detection for low-quantity of boxes
  • Reverse feeding direction is available by request
  • Easy operation and easy maintenance

Mechanical & Mechatronic aspect:

  • Customized specifications
  • Tape overlap 70±5mm
  • Outside diameter of OPP tape 350mm
  • CE type
  • Could combine with case sealers or strapping machine
  • Detection for no tape and NG taping function

Special needs:

  • #304 Stainless steel machine construction
  • Customized color
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