The main challenge of BML systems is limited space for the entrance of the main arm.

Our systems are capable of entering narrow spaces and open up to twice their dimension.

We design tailor-made robotic systems for BML to achieve the perfect solution to suit the customer’s objective.

BOS ROBOTICS BML robotic systems have a reputation of being high-speed systems (mold intrusion time 1-1.5 Sec.), as well as having low scrap rates on robust and low maintenance costs. We can design robots for any type of blowing product and label type: flat or front & back labels.

Takeout Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems

Takeout Side Entry Servo Robotic Systems – the fastest and most efficient solution to take out multi-cavity products from the mold and stack on a conveyor belt.

IML solution for our extrusion blow mounding machines

Blow molding label - Four cavities and two side labels.

Perform Feeder.

Accumulation Table with a Linear Leak Tester (5 Headstocks) and Rejecting station.

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