What is Injection Molding Machine Used For

Plastic components have been around for quite some time now. Even in recent years, various manufacturers use plastic components. They are simple and easy to make and also cheap. In most cases, they use the injection molding process to make detailed and high-quality plastic components. This injection machine can make high-quality grade components with consistency. That’s why manufacturers all around the world use injection machine to prepare their components. It is the perfect solution for mass-producing components while ensuring quality.

Are you interested to know how the injection machine works and how to make them efficient? We got your back! In this article, we will discuss the whole process from melting the plastic to the final product.

How does it work?

This manufacturing process is considered one of the oldest in the world. Due to mass production ability, it still is a popular choice for every manufacturer. First, they melt thermoplastic. Then they inject it into a mold made of aluminum. They inject it at a very high speed and use a lot of pressure. With this process, you can create multiple parts at once. Even if they are complex parts, it is possible. If the mold and the calculations are correct, there might not be any need for polishing up the component either. So with an injection machine, you can be more cost-effective and efficient as well.

To ensure the quality, you need to have experience in controlling the parameters. If you can balance it correctly, you will get high-grade components every time you use it. But if you don’t control the parameters, then you might need to spend extra time fixing the little errors. You also have to maintain the temperature of the thermoplastic and pressure. This might damage the mold as well as the final product. You don’t want to damage the mold, or else it will keep making errors.

How to Make Injection Molding Machines Efficient

It is important to make the injection molding process as efficient as possible. The whole point of using an injection machine is to have a more standardized manufacturing process. There are some data that you have to keep an eye on to reduce costs and waste.

Industry 4.0 enabled machinery

Having industry 4.0 enabled machinery can boost up the efficiency itself. They don’t need additional checkup systems. Industry 4.0 machines mean the machines that will have sensors on every part. And they will monitor each activity and process the data. And human operators can keep an eye on the process through software.

The software will analyze the information in a way so that people can calculate the performance ratings of the machines. So you can predict the faults in the machines days before. This makes maintenance work very easy. As a result, you can take early actions and improve efficiency.

The temperature of the Mold

Several types of thermal measuring devices will help you to measure different areas of the mold.

This data will help to find out any problem in the water circuit. For example, a reduced flow will increase the temperature too much. The measuring can also detect problems in the mold as well.

Barrel Temperature Checking

There is a barrel temperature on most of the injection machine. You can keep checking the temperature on them. But the heater bands do wear out sometimes. In that case, you can use a band thermal indicator between the bands. You can get more accurate results with it.

You need to keep records of the temperatures. That way, you can understand when maintenance is needed. And you can keep it up and running without any accidents. You also need to keep records of the melt temperature to make sure high-grade final products.

Some companies provide advanced quality features with their injection machine. The leading companies can provide you with amazing services, and you can find these services in almost any location in the world.

Types of Injection Machines

You can choose from electric, mechanical, or hydraulic injection machine. There are several manufacturers to choose from. Let’s discuss some of the top organizations and their machines.


The ENGEL Group is located in nine different locations around the world. So they can pretty much provide their service everywhere. They grew from a family-owned business, and now they are one of the biggest manufacturers. They give customers different turnkey solutions. So they can get the best value from the machines.

Their injection machine range covers hydraulic and electric. They offer a special molding process that can work with various materials. They provide machines with a clamping force of 280 kN to 55,000 kN.

Sumitomo Demag

They first developed single screw molding machines in the mid-20th century. Their specialty is a small injection machine.  They offer robotic and automated systems as well. They have said to have more than 65,000 injection machines around the world. They are a growing company.

They provide small machines that have clamping force up to 1,500 kN. They are quite famous for this type of machine.


They created their first injection machine in the 1950s.  They are considered the most successful and established injection molding machine maker. ARBURG is the largest manufacturer. They are in 33 different places around the world. So you can get their service almost anywhere.

Their main injection machine range is called ALLROUNDER. The name surely lives up to their service because they offer so many different options. From cube molding to hybrid types of machinery, they also provide extra services and turnkey systems. And they can install them anywhere in the world.


Bottom Line

The injection machine is a great way to make sure consistent and good quality manufacturing. The technology is old, but now it comes with advanced systems to predict manufacturing quality. And you can fix any potential errors in advance. To increase efficiency and lower the cost, you will need to keep all the data.

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