JAKA All-in-one Collaborative Robots

Meet our JAKA All-in-one coolaborative robots that aim to help manufacturers with their industrial and factory automations. Having payloads ranged from 3 to 18 kg and integrated 2D lens, JAKA All-in-one cobots are great for many industries like 3c electronics, automotive, advanced manufacturing, logistics, and many more.

JAKA Ai 18

Payload 18 kg I Reach 1073 mm

JAKA Ai 12

Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm


Payload 7 kg I Reach 819 mm


Payload 5 kg I Reach 954 mm


Payload 3 kg I Reach 626 mm

Key Features of JAKA All-in-one Cobots

Integrated Vision System

The JAKA All-in-one cobots represent a leap forward in human-robot collaborative work. Along with wireless teach and graphic programming comes visual feedback: a camera-utilizing system that ensures precision and safety, while considerably broadening the range of tasks cobots may be assigned to.

Fixed or mounted at the end of the cobot, the JAKA Lens 2D features a high-quality lens, together with a specialized light source module providing users with full functionality and a 2D vision experience.


Thanks to MiniCab controller every JAKA All-in-one cobot feels at home mounted on an AGV.

Cobots and AGVs (known as automated guided vehicle) on their own are remarkably useful; without the need for human intervention, AGV-cobot pairings can complete warehousing, and inspection tasks independently.

Size of the MiniCab is: 180x128x47 mm I Weight: approx. 1.1 kg

Recommended Applications for JAKA All-in-one Cobots

Our cobots have already helped hundreds of manufacturers to automate their repetitive tasks such as machine tending, inspection, testing, palletizing, picking, and many more.

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