JAKA Pro Collaborative Robots

Oil, dust and waterproof cobots designed to solve your manufacturing needs.


Payload 16 kg I Reach 1713 mm I IP 68


Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm I IP 68


Payload 5 kg I Reach 954 mm I IP 68

Integrated In Hours – Benefit For Years

Increase Production Efficiency

Just a few cobots can boost yearly production efficiency from the very first day of their usage. Our customers say production increases up to 30%.

Create Injury-free Factory

Excessive turnover due to boring routine and dangerous environment? Let JAKA robotic arms handle dull tasks.

Reduce Unexpected Downtime

We know your pain about money loss while equipment was down. Don’t let it happen again. Rely on Pro cobots.

Make Your Products Shine on the Market

With JAKA Pro, the quality of produced items improves instantly. Forget about customer dissatisfaction and product returns.

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