Compact and light, the JAKA Zu S series feature several innovations that prioritize safety and precision. Each unit is fitted with an industrial force sensor, which may be installed either at the base or the end of the cobot arm. Integrated with a force control algorithm, the sensor provides a number of benefits.
First, it enables three control modes: constant force, normal tracking, and speed mode. Second, it allows the cobot to ‘feel’ the objects and environment it comes into contact with.

By monitoring external force, it makes sure to never exceed the security value set by the operator, ensuring the safety of both humans, and the objects it is working with. Third, it dynamically communicates with the JAKA app, displaying in real-time all force values, and force control settings.
Altogether, this makes the JAKA Zu s cobots perfectly suited for polishing, sanding or grinding complex surfaces, as well as PCB assembly, palletizing and more.

JAKA Zu 18s

Payload 18 kg I Reach 1073 mm

JAKA Zu 12s

Payload 12 kg I Reach 1327 mm

JAKA Zu 7s

Payload 7 kg I Reach 819 mm

JAKA Zu 5s

Payload 7 kg I Reach 819 mm

JAKA Zu 3s

Payload 3 kg I Reach 626 mm

What Makes JAKA Zu Great for Industrial Automation

Force Sensor


The industrial force sensor, which may be installed at the base or the end of any Zu s series cobot, increases precision. It gives the cobots an ability to accurately performs tasks like palletizing, polishing, or sanding on complex surfaces.

Force Control Module


The force control module, which users may interact with using the JAKA app, shows force values, and creates a full-arm collision detection capability. If any external force exceeds the designated security value, the cobot ceases to apply more force immediately. There are three control modes available: constant force, normal tracking, and speed mode.

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